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There are several books which are written by Journalist Pushpandra Singh on different topics like History, Politics, Sports, Education, Science, etc. First book “Rule the country like me” has already been pubished by evoco publications.

What is the need to write this book?
“Rule the Country like Me”
People use to say that running a family is not so easy. If you are head of the family and there are 5-10 members in the family, it becomes very tough to lead and managing them as everybody has different opinion and thoughts.
When running a family is tough, then just think a minute about those leaders (Head of the Country) who are running their country for several decades even in adverse conditions like civil wars and major financial crisis. I was born in 1980 (but mentioned 1982 in my school documents) and some of them are head of the country before my birth.
Some of them are being called “Dictator” but I am seeing only good part of their leadership. In 21st century’s weapons world, nobody can rule on people just on the basis of weapons only. They have some magical qualities in their leadership, that’s why local people are supporting them and allowing them to rule the country for a long time.
If you are flying from Washington DC to London or Delhi to Mumbai or Johannesburg to Dubai or Sydney to Singapore, you can come to know short struggle story, success, Development of the country and good things of those 45 magical leaders who are the head of the country for more than one decade (upto more than 4 decades).

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