Will WeMedia change Indian Media? Can Indian bloggers earn from WeMedia like Chinese writers? Special report on ‘WeMedia’

If we talk about media in India then only newspapers, news magazines and news TV channels are considered as media. Radio is not considered as a part of media because in India except government radio channels no other private radio broadcasts news.

Now coming to online media which means “.com”. India has yet not accepted it as a main stream media, however the truth is that not only online media has become the one of the biggest source of revenue but it has also saved many big media houses which were on the brink of bankruptcy.

WeMedia is one the term for online media. WeMedia is completely new thing in India, although in China and USA it is a very popular term there. In china, it has become so much popular that people are writing on WeMedia and earning huge money.

What is WeMedia:

WeMedia means media consisting of us; common people (We).  To some extent, it is also called Citizen Journalism in India.

Almost all big or small media houses in the country do reporting on events or incidents related to the government, government departments or big enterprises, but even then also, hundreds of thousands news remain uncovered which are crucial for common man in his day to day life.

Example #1: Information related to mobile phones (Issues with the phone, interesting features of the phone, how to run two WhatsApp accounts on single smartphone etc.)

Example #2: every kind of information related to Tax

Example #3: all such information related to every place for the travel enthusiasts

Example #4: To present the tough language used in medical field in such easy way that even a common man can understand about the disease and its cure.

Example #5: every type of information related to agriculture, as kisankhabar.com provides. Kisankhabar.com does not write about the farmers doing suicide,instead of that it shows them ways to get maximum profit in the agriculture field by providing them information about what can be done and how can be done with wheat, rice, potatoes etc. It also provides the details of helping organization, companies and individuals along with their contact details. It has a circle of more than 5 lakh people on WhatsApp.

Example #6: Specific information related to the politics which gets lost somewhere in the political debates.

Example #7: News related to the finance which gives you the legit information on how to multiply the money.

There are thousands of examples like these. There are around 112 Crores websites worldwide which is close to the population of India – the second largest population in the world. Tier II cities like Jodhpur, Jaipur, Udaipur, Indore, Bhopal, Lucknow, Agra has most bloggers who are earning most from the bogging.

Amit Aggarwal from Agra is the top earning blogger in India whose monthly earning only from blogging is 40 Lakh rupees.

How to earn from Wemedia:

On social media, Facebook has most users and its maximum users are from India. Whenever you write something on Facebook then neither Facebook earns anything from it nor you. But WeMedia is one such platform where if you write some good articles, not only you will receive better branding and much more traffic but also the earning from ads.

The only difference between Facebook and WeMedia is that people use facebook mostly to kill time but people visit WeMedia platform to read news or to find the solution of any problem.

Who can join Wemedia:

Well, in general anyone can join WeMedia but internet companies gives priority to these two types of people:

  1. Individual influential in his community: Like the popular people who are working in media, astrology expert DaruBejanwala, Auto industry expert Tutu Dhawan, any ex or present players who have good knowledge of Sports industry etc,
  2. People who write good articles/stories on specific topics or industry: Like Kisankhabar.com, yourstory.com, shoutmeloud.com etc.
  3. Even those people can also join who writes only on Facebook.
  4. If you have good knowledge on any topic but you haven’t wrote before then you can also join WeMedia and start sharing your knowledge right away.

What are the requirements for joining WeMedia:

  1. A website/blog on which you regularly updates.
  2. If you don’t have any website/blog then you can also use the News Editor Tool of the WeMedia service provider. Using this tool is as much easier as sending email.

Who is the pioneer of WeMedia in India?

In India, UC News is the first to come forward for bringing this new age of media. UC News is a news aggregator app which has become the No. 1 app in India in Dec 2016. Other than India, UC News is also leading app in Indonesia and China as well.



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