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Books Coming Soon

Books Coming Soon

Written by Pushpandra Singh


S.No Book Name Description


1 Rule The Country Like Me Already published (written on magical leadership, struggle and success story of all those current 45 prime ministers / presidents of 44 countries who are ruling the country for several decades.) Politics
2 Secrets of Dressing Room – Cricketers’ life in dressing room Pranks by the cricketers, for cricketers, through the cricketers Sports (Cricket)
3 Love Stories of 21st Century It will tell you love stories of all great players like Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehwag etc Sports (Cricket)
4 From Heaven to hell – why did rich people become bankrupt? Stories of 100 such rich people who lost their all money in just few hours or days due to either their lavish life style or other reasons. Sports (Cricket, Soccer, NBA, Boxing etc)
5 Greater India – Path to become world guru When Germany and Vietnam can be reunited, why India, Pakistan, Srilanka, Bangladesh, Nepal cannot be reunited to become world guru or world’s most powerful country. Politics, Business, History
6 Prime Minister’s Choice Every Indian Prime Minister took at least one such decision in his regime which was highly opposed at that time. But now after several years, the same decision is giving us lots of benefits Politics, Business, History, Biography,


7 Genius – War between world’s brilliant minds Whatever invented in past that was claimed by two genius minds like electricity, telephone, computer etc. This book will tell you What, when, where, why and how it happened. Science, History, Business, Biography
8 Brand Baba – Story of top 25 Indian Spiritual Leaders Indian current living saints or baba, who became more valuable or powerful brand than other big brand companies Business, History, Biography, Religion, Spiritual
9 Myth or Science? Real Face of Hindu Rituals Believe it or not. It will show you the real face Hindu rituals. Rituals in our daily life is 100% scientific Science, Religion, Others



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