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New Books Coming Soon

Books Coming Soon Written by Pushpandra Singh   S.No Book Name Description   Genre 1 Rule The Country Like Me Already published (written on magical leadership, struggle and success story of all those current 45 prime ministers / presidents of 44 countries who are ruling the country for several decades.) Politics 2 Secrets of Dressing Room – Cricketers’ life in dressing room Pranks by the cricketers, for cricketers, through the cricketers Sports (Cricket) 3 Love Stories of 21st Century It will tell you love stories of all great players like…

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Rule The Country Like Me – New book

Latest book written by Pushpandra Singh Parmar. This time it is based on magical leaders of those 45 presidents / prime ministers who are running their country for several decades despite facing hundreds of internal problems. Countries like Turkey have exceptionally done really very well.

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